Stem injecting Japanese Knotweed and hollow cane invasive plants using the patented JK1000 injection tool is controlled and specific to the target species. The equipment has been specifically designed for herbicide application and successfully tried and tested for over a decade

Stem injection works by injecting a small measured dose of herbicide into each cane of the Japanese Knotweed infestation which allows the herbicide to translocate throughout the roots and rhizome of the plant. On healthy vibrant plants, one correctly applied treatment is sufficient to eradicate the infestation.

Compared to stem injection, there are many draw backs to traditional methods of chemical treatments. Foliar application for example, is time consuming, less effective, risks damage to native plant species and is a potential threat to the environment.

As stem injection is specific to the target species, the treatment can be completed in all weather conditions and near water with the relevant applicator licences.

Other species of hollow cane invasive plants can be succesfully treated by stem injection including Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam.


This new treatment has brought significant environmental as well as economic benefits to our parks and recreation team.
Shan Alexander, Executive Councillor (Leisure), Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council