Driven by a shared vision to improve treatment methods within the industry whilst ensuring the protection of the environment, a natural alliance between Stem Injection Systems and United States-based JK International LLC was born.

By combining over a decade of research with extensive experience in the control of non-native plants the synergy formed by the partnership now sees Stem Injection Systems having distribution rights for the product throughout the UK and Europe.

Clients vary from amenity contractors, to local and national government departments and Stem Injection staff are highly experienced in the control of non-native plants and are able to answer any technical queries and advise on the best products to match your needs.

Japanese Knotweed Control offered a first class service, impressing us with the efficiency and accuracy of its stem injection system. We were able to see immediate results as the knotweed began to die back.
Course manager, Gavin Kinsella, Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club